My name is Christina Rennich and I am the founder of Spark Meditation and Yoga.

After learning Transcendental Meditation I observed a profound clarity and peace come into my life through my daily practice, and I was moved to share what I had learned with others.  My path led me to become a certified meditation teacher under the tutelage of the distinguished Davidji in Carlsbad, California in 2013.

Yoga seemed a natural next step, and in 2014 I graduated from the Yogaspace Teacher Training Program under the guidance of master teachers Kathryn Beet, Patricia White and Hali Schwartz, and subsequently, received an additional teacher training in Restorative Yoga and Advanced Yoga Philosophy with Hali Schwartz.  

It is with great joy that I  continue my yoga philosophy studies with renowned yoga expert Hali Schwartz, at monthly Sat Sang in Toronto .

To me, meditation and yoga are heart centered practices that foster clarity and a feeling of connectedness to the whole, and are a profound way to become aware of and participate in the perfection that we already are.

Above all, meditation and yoga shouldn’t be yet another thing on our “to do” list to check off, but rather a breath of fresh air that we can look forward to every day……


The divine spark in me honours and acknowledges the divine spark in you.   

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