Private Meditation Classes

There is something so elemental about meditation, an experience that is sometimes lost in our fast paced, technology driven lives.

Accessible to everyone, this ancient practice allows one to gently disengage from the chatter of the mind and ego, and through the use of a “point of focus” such as a mantra or breath, merge with the present moment.  Done regularly, this practice brings health, balance, clarity, purpose and peace into ones life.

There are many reasons why more and more people are drawn to meditation. For some, it is relief from stress, physical health problems, anxiety and depression, for others, it is simply seeking a deeper meaning to life.

Although meditation is an ancient practice, it has been relatively recently that the west has benefited from its effects in the modern world, due mostly to a blossoming of scientific study in this field.  At the bottom of the page I have listed some usefulness links to give a few examples of this research.


In three 90-minute sessions, I can teach you the basics of meditation, and how to cultivate a regular practice.

You Will Learn:

1.     How to Cultivate and Maintain a Regular Meditation Practice

2.     Counteract the Fight-or-Flight Response with Restful Awareness

3.     Breath Awareness Meditation

4.     Body Scan Meditation

5.     Mantra Meditation

6.     A Brief History of Meditation.

7.     The Concept of The Five Koshas – According to yoga philosophy, the human framework is comprised of 5 bodies or sheaths which account for different dimensions of human existence.

8.     Simple Techniques to Manage Stress that you can do Anywhere Anytime

9.     Experience a Sensory Guided Chakra Meditation

Or if you prefer to just “dip your toe in,” feel free to come by for an introductory session.


Richard J. Davidson,

Elizabeth Blackburn

Herbert Benson

The Basics of Meditation
Single Meditation Session 1 hr

To get started, book a private session in person or

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