Yoga, the linking of mind, body and breath is a joyful, non-competitive practice that is becoming increasingly popular with kids and teens – and why not, kids are natural yogis!

 Yoga and Meditation for Kids classes offer age appropriate yoga poses, relaxation, and simple meditation techniques in a fun and attainable way.  The child or teen will build skills in strength and flexibility, self-awareness, focus, compassion and communication.

 This practice offers young people positive tools to use in their everyday lives and fosters a meaningful connection to self and the wide world around them.


Top 10 Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Jodi Komitor is considered a leading authority on yoga for kids and is the founder of the first kids’ yoga studio in the world—Next Generation Yoga.  Listed below are her top 10 benefits of Yoga for Children.

1 Maintains Flexibility and Strengthens Growing Bodies

2 Enhances Concentration

3 Increases Self-Esteem

4  Teaches Present Moment Awareness

5 Cultivates a Peaceful, Relaxed State of body and Mind

6 Gives tools for Stress Management

7 Sparks Creativity

8 Encourages Kindness in Peer and Social Interactions

9  Enhances Body Awareness

10 Teaches Discipline and Responsibility


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